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What Do Women Really Want From Men? Learn 7 Secret Steps to RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS!

Here are some of the basic things women find important to them; when they are involved in a relationship with a man:

Self Confidence – This doesn’t mean you need to be an alpha male or a show off, but you should be aware that the number one trait that women find attractive in men is confidence. In particular you need to remind yourself over and over again of the reasons why YOU are a GREAT catch. Know where you are going in life, what your ambitions are, what your interests are. Don’t be stuck for answers when she asks what kind of music you listen to, or what you do for fun, or what your dreams are.

Getting new clothes and/or wearing your best outfits more often, being better groomed, and always having a good cologne will do wonders for your self-confidence also.

Leadership – Always be the ‘man with a plan’, particularly on your first dates with a woman. Don’t just tell her verbally that you’re a leader, demonstrate by your actions. Always have ideas for things to do together and make suggestions, don’t wait for her to take the lead. Know what to say when she asks what you have planned for the weekend or what you’re doing tomorrow. Don’t let life happen to you, be a man who takes charge and makes great and fun things happen.

Attention – Most women will appreciate a man who is there- over a man who is never around who buys her love with expensive gifts. By giving them attention will show a female that you value her and she is important to you, and she will feel appreciated by this.

To be complimented – Women are often feeling insecure about the way the look. She may be very beautiful and gets attentions from other men, but she will appreciate a compliment from you. She needs to know that you notice her and admire her.

Loyalty – Women really appreciate a man who is loyal to her, and are dedicated to her and only her. It’s insulting for her, if the man she’s with hits on other women. When you’re on a date, she wants you to be interested and pay attention in only her.

Protecting their partner – Although women can stand up for themselves, they really want to be protected by a man. She wants to feel confident that she is safe with you. She will have a lot of respect for you if she feels she is protected by you.

Understand her – Women need to know that you heard her when she told you is upsetting her, or makes her feel insecure about the relationship. You try your very best to help with any problems she faces whether it’s within the relationship or not. You’re always available to listen to her whenever she wants or needs to talk.

Make Her Laugh. She may not expect you to be absolutely hilarious – but women love guys who can bring a smile to their face. Guys who are funny and playful around women are obviously confident and in control of their reality, and women are very attracted to this.

A woman may want many things in a man, but there are a few things that make a big difference and are can be deal breakers for women.

It is important to a woman to have person that makes them feel great and really fulfills their wants and need in a relationship. They want to feel loved and to feel special. If their other half can tick all the boxes for what is important to them, then she will feel very happy and secure in the relationship.

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